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Topic: Hong Kong Low Carbon Local Tour

During the epidemic, the public's demand for outings has greatly increased, and many issues have arisen at the same time: such as garbage, environmental damage, etc...

And every forest bathing experience led by a certified forest bathing guide, we will try our best to do it without affecting the natural ecology. Because we understand that we have a responsibility to take one small step for nature.
Enjoying the healing power of nature also contributes to nature.

To this end, we invited a local low-carbon tours organization with the same philosophy as ours to explain the situation of low-carbon tours in Hong Kong, the benefits of low-carbon tourism, and the promotion of low-carbon tourism routes in Hong Kong.
It is hoped that the public can understand how to enjoy the suburban environment while reducing the impact on the environment, so that local flora and fauna and other users can enjoy the nature together.

You can also list the questions you want to know when registering, and we will select some of the questions to answer during online sharing.

Date: September 23, 2022 (Friday)
Time: 8:00pm to 9:30pm

Event will be conducted in Cantonese and Google Meet

Speaker from V'air, introduction of V'air:
V'air Low-Carbon Local Tour is an environmental education organization initiated by young people in Hong Kong to advocate low-carbon local tours. Taking "low-carbon local tours" as the starting point, they use online media and offline actions to promote public attention to climate change and local environmental issues. Their core philosophy includes four elements: "Local Excursion", "Public Education", "Youth Empowerment" and "Policy Advocacy".

To address looming environmental problems, they believe that a small step for each individual is far more effective than a giant leap for a few professionals. Therefore, they hope that the public in Hong Kong can deepen their awareness of carbon emissions and environmental protection through our services, and start from the personal level, take action to reduce carbon emissions, and establish a "low-carbon life" atmosphere in the long run. Their vision is to protect Hong Kong's natural resources, promote sustainable development and combat global climate change.

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