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forest bathing

Every Saturday, Sunday, and certain weekdays in September, there will be a  certified forest bathing guide to open the door to nature for you.

​Let's "forest" into the body and mind together.

Image by Shane Rounce

​Welcome to support and cooperation

The "Forest Bathing Festival" was founded in 2022 by two ANFT certified forest bathing guides. Through this project, we will promote the healing benefits of forest bathing and make the public pay more attention to their physical and mental health.

We sincerely invite support and cooperation, please contact us now.

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forest bathing at school

In September of this year, we are happy to provide forest bathing lectures/small experiences for schools, for teachers/students/parents, to pay attention to the physical and mental health of each role at the beginning of academic year.


​Welcome all ANFT forest bathing guides to participate

​Through the "Forest Bathing Fest" to connect Hong Kong's certified ANFT forest bathing guides. If you are interested in this campaign, please contact us immediately.


"International Forest Bathing Day 2023"

September 9th is "International Forest Bathing Day" to remind friends all over the world that nature is our best friend. In Hong Kong, several of our ANFT-certified forest bathing guides will specially provide a group of people who are less exposed to nature. They will also experience forest bathing on this beautiful day and feel the benefits of nature.


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