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General hands-on experience notes:

1.  Please pay attention to the Whatsapp notice before departure.

2. To ensure the smooth running of the event, please arrive at the assembly point 10 minutes before the event starts.

3. It is recommended to bring only the necessary belongings for the activity, and avoid carrying too much.

4. Prepare enough drinking water and eat before departure.

5. Please prepare personal sunscreen and mosquito repellent products.

6. The activity will be held outdoors, please wear appropriate clothing and shoes.

7. If you need to leave halfway, please communicate with the guide first.

8. During the event, the conference may take back/profile photos for record and publicity.

9. During the event, it will be carried out in accordance with the current epidemic prevention requirements, please cooperate.

10. If you are diagnosed or become a close contact 7 days before the event, please contact the conference as soon as possible.

​ Online event notice:

1.  Participants are encouraged to choose an outdoor environment where they can get in touch with nature for online forest bathing. As the weather can be hot, it is ideal to also seek out a shaded spot.

2. You can enter Google Meet 5 minutes before the event.

3. Please be on time. If the activity has started when you enter, please keep quiet and listen to the forest bathing guide.

4. Please try to keep the lens open during the process.

5. Do not record or shoot.

6. If you go outdoors, please bring enough mobile power, and pay attention to environmental signals and safety.

After registration:

1.  You will receive an email notification from the system, please keep relevant information, such as payment confirmation email, etc.

2. After registration, the conference will send an email or WhatsApp to notify you of the event preparation and assembly details, please read carefully.

3. If more than one person participates in the same registration, the conference will require you to provide the personal information of other participants.

4. Since WhatsApp is not often online, if you have any questions, please email to contact the conference, usually reply within 3 working days, sorry for the inconvenience.

5. During the event, if you have any questions, you can directly WhatsApp the conference.

Cancellation/Exit Policy:

1.  If the forest bathing experience activity is canceled due to weather, the balance will be refunded within 21 days after deducting 5% handling fee.

2. Once the payment is confirmed, if you withdraw for various reasons, the balance will be refunded within 21 days after deducting 30% of the administrative fee.

3. If you need a refund due to personal reasons, please notify before 6:00 p.m. the day before the event (accept email/Whatsapp, not Messenger). Late notification will not be refunded.



​ If necessary, participants are required to purchase insurance by themselves.

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