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Event will be conducted in Cantonese and Google Meet

As a forest bathing guide, although we won't introduce every animal, plant and ecology to the participants along the way, we understand that when you connect with nature, you will want to learn more about the environment and culture around you.

Therefore, we specially invited Mr. Charles Lee, the founder of "Traveler" to share with you: the culture, environment and ecology of the villages in Northeast Hong Kong, the "Forest Village" project of Mui Tsz Lam.

You can also list the questions you want to know when registering, and we will select some of the questions to answer during online sharing.

Date: September 16, 2022 (Friday)

Time: 8:00pm to 9:30pm

Event will be conducted in Cantonese and Google Meet

Speaker introduction:

Mr. Charles Lee is the founder of "Traveler", a top ten health website, the planner of Sky, Earth & Human-Mui Tsz Lam Art Revitalization Project, an Accredited Geopark Docent (A2G), a registered tour guide and tour leader.

He once wrote the column "Wandering in the Green Fields" for Ming Pao's "教得樂", and also published the book "Parent-Child Outings". Charles also serves as a member of The Country and Marince Parks Board, chairman of the Association for Sha Tau Kok Cultural and Ecology, director of the Sha Tau Kok Story House, and vice-chairman of The Hong Kong Federation of Countryside Activities.

Mr. Lee is familiar with Hong Kong's countryside and natural ecology, and is committed to promoting eco-tourism and rural conservation and revitalization.

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